Andean Llama Sweaters

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100% llama wool sweaters, hand-knitted by weavers from Quebrada and Puna Jujeña (Jujuy, Argentina). Each stitch is carefully crafted, resulting in a well-made and durable item. Every detail is handmade with sustainable materials and production methods. The breathability of these materials helps regulate body temperature, keeping you comfortable in a range of conditions. These sweaters are unique and have their own character, making them a special addition to your wardrobe. Estimated sizing (height x width x sleeve):  * Small: 21.6'' x 15.7'' x 18.5'' * Medium: 23.6'' x 17.3'' x 19.6'' * Large: 27.5'' x 18.9'' x 21.6'' Masamadre was born in March 2022 and works with a network of artisan weavers from Quebrada and Puna Jujeña in northern Argentina.

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